We’re thrilled that the amazing what3words has listed one of our apps in their approved what3words-enabled products!


You’ll find our ‘My Life Planner’ app listed in their accessibility section on the what3words website:



Gigi Etienne, who focusses on accessibility of products for what3words said, “I shared it internally on our slack and it was a hit, very well received by everyone, even the leadership.” It’s great to hear than a tech disrupter such as what3words likes our products 🙂


If you haven’t heard of what3words (despite their TV ads and news of BIG investments in the platform recently), its a location system that has divided the whole globe into 3 metre squares, each with a unique 3 word location. If you haven’t tried it yet – download their app and try it out!


what3words is now a global phenomenon and can be a life saver – it’s used by many of the world’s emergency services, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them and their accessibility team to enable My Life Planner to share a what3words address really easily for a person with learning difficulties of with dementia.


Screen shot of what3words enabled address sharing in My Life Planner app

Screen shots from mobile and tablet views in My Life Planner showing how easy it is for a user to share their location from within the app.










Sometimes the three word location generated can be difficult to read or to say out loud for someone with a learning disability or dementia, or for someone who doesn’t speak too clearly to be understood, so we developed a simple touch button for the user to send their exact location within a 3 metre square, anywhere in the world, to up to three named individuals in their contacts just by touching their name or their picture. That person can then go to help, finding them easily (and if they move they can send another what3words location), or call for help on their behalf and give the emergency services an exact location.


We’re working on more what3words enabled products so watch out for further development soon!